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Projects We are the premier cause-minded online original art gallery!

One of Advancing Simplicity’s pet projects, theGivingArt brings together our love for art and our passion for causes to make a better world.
theGivingArt provides an online platform for first-rate artists to display and sell their work, promoted by charitable organizations supporting their causes. We take over the complicated tasks, and bring the artist, the philanthropy, and an audience together, generating a steady income for both the artist and the philanthropy.
Our business model is unique, and we are proud of it! It’s a win-win situation:
- a win for charitable organizations, establishing an ongoing source of revenue;
- a win for our artist friends providing them with an ongoing exhibition platform that builds awareness of and a market for their art;
- a win for theGivingArt and her partner/investors.

Status:  On-Hold

Swansong: Lost, dead phones are things of the past

Advancing Simplicity has created the ultimate simplification with SwanSong, the world's best application to find your phone. With other apps, you end up looking for a phone whose battery has died or is in silent mode and can't tell you where it is. Swansong fixes this, so that lost dead phones are things of the past!
With Swansong, your phone will tell you where it is with its last dying breath.  Easy to install and use, just upload SwanSong to your phone, enter your email address, and that is it!  When your phone’s battery is dying, Swansong sends you an email with a link to a map showing you where your phone is.
Swansong will never keep tabs on you. Privacy is a must, and it’s between you and your phone.  We keep it real simple!

Status:  Swansong is available in Google Play store or Amazon apps store.  A version for iPhones will be available soon.
For 99¢, upload SwanSong to your phone and lost, dead phones will be a thing of the past.

Tarsier, Inc.: We make interacting with technology as easy as interacting with real life.

With MoveEye™ technology, Tarsier has developed a set of low-profile 3D eyewear that understands natural gestural interaction, and helps you perform all actions on your screen from across the room.  Tarsier enhances your own power from your own perspective: You control it the way you see it!
Tarsier has spent more than two years under seed capital to prove MoveEye™ concepts and feasibility, and has completed a 3rd generation prototype.  It is now entering its next phase: full scale product development, launch and commercialization.

Status: We are in full development, targeting a launch in early 2014, ready for commercialization by the 1st quarter of 2015. Click on the link for more info on MoveEye™ technology, and what role you can play.

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